Free excursions for exchange students...

...guided by French students


French students are ever-present in the international students' program. Besides the classroom, French students are chaperons and guides during the many visits, tours, activities and excursions organized for free for the international students on weekends. These outings are, as one international student put it, "supreme recreation".

They facilitate student travel through the region with knowledgeable and like minded guides, which also facilitates a learning process of French, the Vendée Region, history, culture, and geography. At some point, learning about France from books after being in the classroom starts feeling redundant. In some magical way the tours help the students share in the solidarity of academic woes together. So they are cultural, fun, educative, social! And students who become friends on the international forum remain that way no matter how far they travel at the program's end.



ICES organizes cultural, touristic or sports excursion every other weekend, all of which are attended by senior students of the Language department who prepare the guided tours for credit. These excursions are free for international exchange students.

They include :
- a guided tour of Nantes
- Puy du Fou historical theme park (a conference for international students is offfered in English and French to prepare them for this visit)
- Venise Verte
- La Chabotterie and the Vendéen memorial
- Ile de Noirmoutier
- Beach picnic in Les Sables d'Olonne
- A guided tour of Angers