Why study Political sciences at ICES ?

The International dimension


Particular attention is given to International Relations and globalization through courses and seminars on the international politics of rising powers. Students are required to study English and one other foreign language. Compulsory internships and stays abroad are organized and every year.

Independent Thinking

The emphasis on personal reflection encourages ICES students to develop their critical judgment and knowledge of themselves. Importance is given to general culture, especially through the study of great thinkers and the many oral presentations students are required to give, stimulate questioning on the current major issues facing the contemporary world and what each individual's commitment can and should be.

Contact with the professional world

Communication exercises, as well as meetings with directors of enterprises, representatives of the diplomatic corps of various countries, people in charge of humanitarian organizations and compulsory one-year internships all help the students define and reconcile their personal and professional projects. Gradually students are able to put together their CVs, increase their personal contacts and develop their communication skills.

Master's Degree in International Relations and Cultural Practice

This diploma allows students to integrate long study periods abroad into their university studies. In the 1st year of the Masters program, students can spend either two months in a college in the United States or a whole semester in the Lebanon. In the 2nd year, nine months are spent studying abroad in Jordan, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Chile, Argentina or South Africa. The International Relations Office helps students in the organization of these stays. The study abroad course is integrated into the French diploma of Political Sciences giving an international dimension to the students' CV.

Professional perspectives

Former Political Sciences students currently enjoy positions in :

  • journalism,
  • international trade,
  • civil service,
  • politics,
  • economics,
  • international relations,
  • communication
  • humanitarian and cultural activities.

Politeia Association

The association offers its members a simple way of keeping in touch through discussion forums, information regarding the Political Sciences and current events, as well as contacts between current and former students in France and abroad.

Contact :

Erasmus and exchange students, contact the International Relations Office for more information