Why study biology at ICES ?

Finding out about different professions to choose the one that suits me best

Licence Science de la vie

Students are initiated into the different professions, to examine them in the light of their personal expectations, to choose the one for which they are best suited. This pedagogical approach together with the development of independent scientific reflection (personal scientific projects, acquiring the methodology proper to different scientific disciplines) enable the students, closely accompanied by their teachers, to pass from: "I'm interested in biology..." to "I want to be an engineer" or "I want to be a teacher", or "I want to be a scientist"... and thus construct their individual study programs accordingly.

Choosing which scientific discipline I prefer after seeing them all

Biology, or more exactly "Life Sciences" are diverse. Future areas of interest and skills are not the same for all secondary school students who are interested in biological science. Molecular biology is not ecology, cellular physiology is not zoology, botany is not immunology, yet they are all biological sciences. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, agri-food business, biomedical research, sustainable development or fundamental research in molecular genetics are very different realities. The Licence (Bachelor equivalent) of Biological Science at ICES is therefore conceived as a broad based study program leading on to specialization.

Practical work from the 1st year

From Year 1, laboratory classes in chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, biology...and fieldwork in geology, botany and ecology ...are based on concrete, real life experiments.

Integrated preparation for competitive exams

Students can choose to prepare the competitive exams for integration into Veterinary Schools, Schools of Agronomy and Engineering Schools.

Stays Abroad

Students in the 3rd year can choose to study abroad for one semester in the United States, Spain, Canada, Switzerland or in South Africa. Students are helped by the International Relations Office at ICES to organize these stays. The study course abroad is validated as an integral part of the course in France, giving the Biology Degree and the student's CV an international dimension.

Career Opportunities

The field of Biology allows students to prepare for the teaching profession or research (fundamental or applied). The course option Training for the Teaching Professions prepares students to take the national competitive examination for teachers after four years of study in Biology and Geology, allowing them subsequently to teach in middle or secondary schools. More than 90% of students who attend the classes are successful in the examination.
Our Research and Development program has prepared students for successful entry into :

  • the pharmaceutical and agronomical industries,
  • agri-food business
  • the field of biotechnology. Other students have integrated
  • hospital departments of clinical research.

Clinical Research

This Masters program created in 2003 is for students interested in the fields of Biotechnology, Pharmacology and Clinical Research with 95% of students subsequently finding jobs, especially in hospitals, biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Erasmus and exchange students, contact the International Relations Office for more information