Why study law at ICES ?

Methodical accompaniment leading to success


Each student is individually accompanied by a pedagogical counsellor who helps in the personalization of his or her studies and in the organization of teacher-taught tutoring. Methodology classes are dispensed to all students. Every year, eight students out of ten are successful in their Law examinations.

English and other modern languages in France and abroad

Through law and economy courses conducted in English, bilingual classes and the possibility of learning German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Arabic, students are well prepared to spend a period of study abroad which is integrated into the French program of studies.

First steps in professional life

An internship, of a minimum of three weeks, in a professional environment in France or abroad, validated by an examination (internship report and oral presentation) is compulsory during the vacation between each year of studies.

International dimension

Law students can do one or two study semesters in England, South Africa, Argentina or Spain. They can also be assisted in their search for an internship abroad (England, Romania, Nova Scotia...). In both cases students are given support by the International Relations Office to organize these stays. The course of study abroad is integrated into the French diploma of Law and gives an international dimension to the student's CV.

2nd cycle Studies

The 1st year of the Masters Degree in private law, criminal sciences and criminal justice allows students to study private law and at the same time prepare for the competitive exams which give access to legal careers.

The 1st year of the Masters Degree in business law aims to prepare high-level general lawyers specialized in contract law, corporate law, labor law and tax law wanting to work in companies or specializing to become business lawyers.

The 2nd year of the Masters Degree in private law, specializing in business law/company law follows on from the 1st year of the Masters Degree in business law and prepares future general company lawyers competent in the domains of both law and accountancy

Erasmus and exchange students, contact the International Relations Office for more information